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Terms and Conditions

Dealer agrees to pay a onetime set up fee of $100 and also agrees to pay $40 monthly account service recurring. This is month to month hosting of the electronic web catalog. Dealer and Global Tire Distributers Inc. can cancel this electronic catalog (web site) and hosting any time without any reason or further notice to each other. Dealer will not be liable for any future charges after cancelling the web site.

Dealer shall adhere to the highest ethical business standards in all of its dealings with potential website hits, referral customers and general public. Dealer shall refrain from any business, advertising practice which may tarnish the reputation of Global Tire Distributers Inc. Failure to follow good moral business ethics or proper procedure shall be grounds for automatic dismissal of website and hosting service.

Dealer, shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Global Tire Distributers Inc ,its affiliates, their shareholders, directors ,officers ,agents ,attorneys ,and employees. For loss or damage to property or injury, directly or indirectly, or alleged to results, from Dealer’s ownership or operation or any related thereto.

Global tire Distributers Inc. will purchase and provide to dealer an available domain name, if requested domain is not available, a domain name will be provided as close to requested domain as possible. Global tire Distributers Inc. will be responsible for its annual maintenance cost and also retain ownership of the domain name.

Dealer acknowledges that is an independent business and shall not act an agent, employee or representative of Global Tire Distributers Inc. Dealer will have any authority to assume or create any commitment or obligation on behalf of Global Tire Distributers.

Dealer acknowledges that there is no guarantee that the electronic catalog will be operational or fully functional. Dealer acknowledge that there will be outages and down time in Global tire Distributers Inc. electronic catalog for technical reasons and uncontrolled reasons. Global tire Distributers Inc has the unrestrictive right to remove, repair, reformat, reboot, construct and redesign Dealer’s website and domain without any liability to dealer. Including but not limited to; abatement of use, for lost profits, lot sales, lost customers, lost data.

Global tire Distributers Inc shall not be liable to dealer or default of performance hereunder if such delay is caused by conditions beyond its control including but not limited to acts of God, government restriction, war, insurrections and other cause beyond the reasonable control of the party whose performance is affected.

Dealer acknowledges that Global tire Distributers Inc. has the copy write and the ownership of all material on the electronic catalog. Including but not limited to, pictures, website domain name. Global Tire Distributers Inc is not and will not allow any dealer to redistribute or reproduce internet software, electronic catalog, website, pictures or any content.

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